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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing partnered with FirstCare with one main objective – to reduce sickness levels from an average of 17 days per employee per year.
The service has been a resounding success, with sickness levels reducing to just 8.05 days per employee by the end of 2011, a reduction of 53%.
Many organisations struggle with long term absences, such as those due to mental health issues or musculoskeletal injuries. Through the use of FirstCare, within the last 12 months the average length of these types of absence has fallen significantly thanks to day one intervention and medical assistance. An example is the average length of a mental health related absence, which reduced from 33.2 days in 2010 to 19.3 days in 2011, a reduction of 41.87%.
Furthermore, through FirstCare’s online management information, Human Resources have instant access and clear visibility of key problem areas, and thanks to FirstCare’s account management team, an opportunity to discuss and introduce initiatives that continue to tackle and reduce absence.

What the client said

“Immediate access to all the management data helps us to sustain high attendance and continue to reduce absence levels.”
Elaine Taylor, Head of HR and Learning

Results From FirstCare Service

  • 53% Absence Reduction
  • Annual saving of nearly £15,000
  • Real time management information
  • Significant reduction in employee absence

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