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The TEN Group is a federation of educational institutions in Norfolk, all committed to excellence in education and in providing students with opportunities to learn and develop a variety of skills.
The Group commenced working with FirstCare in June 2012 and our partnership has had a successful impact across the group’s various academies, helping to achieve a reduction in absence of 15.8%, which equates to an additional 1463 working days annually.
One of the biggest areas of impact is a significant reduction in the average length of Stress and Musculoskeletal related absences. For these types of absences line manager engagement is essential and to help with this the Group have implemented dynamic Return to Work interview forms tailored specifically to Stress and Musculoskeletal reasons.
These forms encourage managers to ask more informative questions regarding an employees’ absence and also provide prompts to refer employees to the Employee assistant programme (EAP) or Occupational Health services. In addition to the dynamic RTW forms, the Group also have a Day 1 alert for Stress related absences that encourages managers to discuss with HR the best way to help the employee. Interventions such as these have helped reduce the average length of stress related absences by 53.95% and Musculoskeletal absences by 75.5%.
In addition, the Group have Bradford Score alerts to monitor absence levels, RIDDOR alerts to ensure that absences are reported to the Health and Safety team, online management information to analyse trends and regular service reviews in which FirstCare’s Account Management team review absence issues alongside the Group’s HR team.
Furthermore, as of May 2014, the rolling 12 month Days Lost per Employee (DLPE) at TEN Group is just 5.71, which is 29.7% lower than the Education sector average of 8.12. This is a testament, both to the success of our partnership but also to the efforts of the Group’s HR personnel and the support they provide to line managers and employees.
Finally, and as a result of this continued success, the Group will be expanding the FirstCare service to also cover the University Technical College Norfolk in Autumn 2014.


What the client said

“The FirstCare system is able to provide managers and Human Resources staff with real-time data on current absences, as well as an easy way to monitor trends in absence and identify actions that are needed. The tailored return to work interview forms have been particularly useful in relation to musculoskeletal absences, enabling support to be put in promptly on the member of staff’s return and to help them remain in work. The FirstCare system is continually evolving in response to comments and requests from users, for example we have found it helpful in relation to benchmarking our absence performance.”
Hilary Bright, Director of HR Services


Results From FirstCare Service

  • 16% Absence Reduction
  • 1463 additional working days available annually

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