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Absence management: are we focusing on the real problem?

For many, improving absence management processes has become ‘old hat’. Promoting wellbeing is the newer, more fashionable agenda. But in reality, absence management remains a crucial part of everyday, working life.

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Spotlight on opening up to a nurse

Opening up to a nurse

Many years ago, I had a boss who I got on with very well; we worked hard as a team and had fun too. He knew I wasn’t the type to ‘pull-a-sickie’. Despite my excellent sickness record (a handful of days in 5 years), character and commitment, I hated making a call to him to let him know I was sick. He’d always make me feel like I could come in, but didn’t want to. He’d ask...

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Reporting an Absence - The negative impact of a good, and bad, employee/manager relationship

Relationships play a huge part in our working lives. In terms of absence, both the good and the bad can create ugly situations that can have a lasting impact.

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Pledge your commitment to tackling mental health in the workplace

Up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems have to leave their jobs each year, according to a new Government report. 

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Absence cause that’s difficult to digest

You might think that stomach aches, upsets and related symptoms are a common reason for staff being absent from work. In fact though, employees who regularly complains of such issues should arouse either your suspicions or concerns, as gastro-related sickness is less common than you might think. 

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Why your organisation’s absence record is more insightful than your GP record

When it comes to identifying health issues, is your company absence record more valuable than your GP’s notes?

If you look back on all your work absences, how many of those times did you visit your GP?

My guess is, on average, less than 50%.

Matthew Scrimshire, Business Development Manager and absence expert at FirstCare, explains why.  

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