Car Share joke is not funny for employers

Posted by James Arquette on 26/04/17 12:10

Kayleigh has had enough of work and fancies “throwing a sickie”. That’s the scenario that had hilarious consequences in last night’s episode of “Peter Kay's Car Share” on BBC 1.

Despite John’s reservations, we saw Kayleigh call into her workplace, put on a sick voice and say she wouldn’t be in.

While we may all have had a good laugh about how the scenes panned out, in real life it’s a situation that can cause great difficulties for employers.

And it is why, at FirstCare, we have trained nurses to support and authenticate absence.

Give us a call today to ensure that your Kayleigh comes to work, and find out how you can reduce “sickies” by outsourcing your absence management by clicking here.

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