Absence Management Best Practice Events Feedback


December 31st, 2017

FirstCare approached NHS Wales Employers and invited all of the member organisations of the Welsh NHS to attend an absence management best practice seminar. The objective of the seminar was to discuss and identify new and better ways to manage and reduce absence. After discussions with colleagues and reading the feedback from other NHS professionals about FirstCare’s previous events, we decided to commit to the idea and an event was subsequently scheduled.

“Very informative, good ideas and food for thought in approaching absence management”
Nicola, AGMA Council” Occupational Health Manager

“You think you know everything & then there is always someone with the greatest expertise and experience who can teach you more”
Ian, Borough Council HR Advisor

“Thank you for an informative event useful to hear other councils success stories.”
Jayne, North West Region Council, HR Manager

“The event was insightful and offered proactive ideas for sickness management”
Dorothy, London Borough Council, HR Advisor

“The presentations were really useful as it was good to hear stories of improvement from people undertaking roles. The seminar was interesting overall”
Fiona, District Council HR Officer

Our aim was to have 3 delegates per NHS Wales organisation and to also open up the event to interested attendees from NHS England. We were hoping to secure at least 20 attendees. In the end, we ended up with more than 35 delegates, which was not only a fantastic turn-out, but also a very positive reflection of the level of commitment within Welsh NHS HR teams to reducing absence and securing cost savings.

The event itself was excellent, the speakers (one was from a large NHS trust) had good insight into looking at sickness absence and shared advice on how they had utilised the benefits of the FirstCare service in their own organisations. We learned how accurate and real time data had empowered their line managers to be more proactive when managing sickness absence.

The speaker from Eversheds gave excellent advice on interpreting recent changes to employment law and how best to manage its implications, including recent changes to flexible working and forthcoming changes to shared parental leave.

Feedback from the delegates has been very positive; I would recommend attending future events to other NHS professionals or even holding an event in your region.

Andrew Davies, Policy and Development Manager, NHS Wales Employers

 “I felt the event was excellent, as were the speakers. A number of areas in the reporting system would be very useful in my own organisation. I was very impressed with the speed of the absence alerts & also with the dynamic return to work interviews, which was a clever idea. I would thoroughly recommend this event to other NHS professionals looking lowering sickness absence levels.
Joanne, HR Business Partner, NHS Mental Health Trust

I really enjoyed the seminar. I was particularly interested in the electronic alerts that managers would receive around the RTWI process and also how the system would provide alerts when triggers have been hit.  I believe that this would be beneficial in helping us with compliance around our existing policy”.
Julie, HR Advisory Service Manager, Council

“I really enjoyed the FirstCare Seminar on Absence Management; it provided me with a sound understanding of the advantages gained from having a robust absence management procedure. I especially found the update in employment law of great use and have since recommended this seminar to colleagues and those interested in absence management”
Emily, HR, Facilities Management Multi National

“I found the seminar your team gave to be beneficial in terms of reinforcing good practice in sickness absence management.  Your approaches are proactive and informed by evidence, which adds credibility”.
Debbie, NHS OH Nurse Manager

“I found the seminar very interesting and well organised and I did think that the service you provide sounds fantastic with regards to dealing with sickness. I would love to be able to implement something like that at my organisation”.
Kaye (HR Officer) Social Housing Sector

“I enjoyed hearing about the experiences of the different speakers and found it very helpful to have legal input at the event which helps to keep me up to date with what would be required should a case be taken to an Employment Tribunal”
Diane HR Business Partner NHS Partnership Trust

“I found the seminar on Absence Management to be very insightful and beneficial. There was plenty of discussion on and around key subjects as well as overview on Employment Law. A well organised event. Brilliant. Thank you very much.”
Selina (Ass HR Business Partner) Social Housing Sector

“I thoroughly enjoyed the FirstCare seminar and came away having learnt a lot. It was particularly helpful to listen to the speakers from Stansted Airport and Walsall Housing Group . . . I would recommend a FirstCare seminar to anyone who is interested in absence management. They were very professional, informative and useful, overall I was extremely impressed.” –
Chloe, OH Administrator, NHS Foundation Trust

“I thought the event was very well-run; there was a good mix of speakers and the two users of your service who gave a presentation came from diverse areas, i.e. a housing association from a deprived area near Birmingham and Stansted Airport. It was very interesting to hear about their experiences and success in reducing sickness absence levels. It is always useful to be able to network with other HR colleagues at such events. I thought it was helpful to have one of your occupational health nurses in attendance at the end – some interesting facts were discussed.” –
Karen, Employment Relations Advisor, London Borough Council”

“We all came back very enthusiastic . . . The presentations were really helpful, and to hear how other organisations have really seen a benefit from working with you has been very inspiring, we are really very keen to take this forward within our Trust.”
Kate, Head of OH, NHS Trust

“I did enjoy the event and found it very informative. It was particularly helpful to meet managers who had implemented the system in their organisations and be able to talk to them in the breaks…As an ER Advisor I did find the law update very helpful and well presented.” –
Coralie, Employee Relations Advisor, NHS Trust

“I found the event very interesting, especially getting a view of other organisations’ absence management strategies. I also found your product very impressive especially the MI capabilities.”
Celeste HR Manager, County Council




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