Absence cause that’s difficult to digest

You might think that stomach aches, upsets and related symptoms are a common reason for staff been absent from work. In fact, you may even be suspicious of anyone who regularly complains of gastro issues. 

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Practical tips on how to resolve the analysis black hole

If managing absence is part of your role, you’ll be all too familiar with the top three reasons for its occurrence:

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Why your organisation’s absence record is more insightful than your GP record

When it comes to identifying health issues, is your company absence record more valuable than your GP’s notes?

If you look back on all your work absences, how many of those times did you visit your GP?

My guess is, on average, less than 50%.

Matthew Scrimshire, Business Development Manager and absence expert at FirstCare, explains why.  

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The only absence management service that can save employees’ lives

  • Trained nurses are on call 24/7.
  • “Code Red” is an urgent call.
  • Red Flags are identified during a triage assessment and signals health concern.
  • Other advice reduces absence levels.
  • Speedier returns to work.
  • Staff morale gains boost.


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Car Share joke is not funny for employers

Kayleigh has had enough of work and fancies “throwing a sickie”. That’s the scenario that had hilarious consequences in last night’s episode of “Peter Kay's Car Share” on BBC 1.

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Building better productivity – Absence in the construction industry

  • Absence is responsible for huge losses to workforce efficiency.
  • Many construction businesses aren’t aware of the extent of the problem.

Despite recent boosts – thanks to large infrastructure projects and new transport links – productivity is a serious issue for the construction sector.

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Winner of our Prize Draw | FirstCare

We’re delighted to announce the winner of our prize draw from the Health and Wellbeing at Work show is David Price, from Peninsula HR.

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How to get your Change at Work report and the Absence Management ROI Calculator

We're launching two initiatives in the next two weeks which will change the way you think about absence at work and how to manage it (both also being revealed at the Health and Wellbeing at Work Show 7-8 March).

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FirstCare vs Self Service Absence Management

Our infographic reveals how self-service absence management systems measure up against FirstCare.

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How to ensure your employees have a smooth transition back to work

President Obama has pledged to work with Donald Trump’s team to help them adapt to life in the White House, fast. And when your employees return to work after a period of short or long term absence, you have a responsibility to make the path as smooth as possible for them.

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