Why you need to find the budget for absence management

  • Improving patient care
  • Exceeding targets to bolster your profit margins
  • Optimising services provided to residents or members of the public
  • Securing your reputation as the leading expert in your field
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Why you need more than a call-in Automated Voice Response (AVR)

While Automated Voice Response (AVR) systems may be a tried and trusted tool, commonplace in many organisations, there’s no denying the fact that they have significant limitations.

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How to ensure your trust is compliant with NHS sickness absence guidelines

Are you focused on delivering high quality care for your patients? Then you need to take steps to ensure that your employees are well and at work by upholding best practice when it comes to NHS absence guidelines.

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Is late intervention costing you money?

Long-term sickness absence is a growing problem in the UK. It cost UK businesses £3.13 billion in 2012 and, as the make-up of the workforce changes and the number of older workers increases, is set to reach £4.81 billion by 2030 – a 15% increase.

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Flawed But Full Of Potential – The FirstCare Analysis Of The Fit Note Process

 Fit notes are supposed to help employees return to work faster. But the current system means employers and GPs are struggling to use them effectively. Read our guide on the FirstCare analysis of the fit note process.

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Allergy Awareness Week: Ways to reduce allergy-related absence

25th April to 1st May is Allergy Awareness Week, which is an excellent time to look at the effects of allergy-related absence in the workplace.

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[Infographic] Are Fit notes fit for purpose?

Fit notes are supposed to help people return to work faster.

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Reasons why in-house absence management doesn’t work

There are several reasons why many organisations choose to deal with their absence management internally. Many believe it’s the only way to guarantee their sensitive information is managed appropriately and confidently.

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Sick pay: A short guide for employers

Are you confused about the obligations you have to your employees when it comes to time off for sickness? Is absence a problem for your organisation? Are you concerned that sick pay excesses are affecting your overall profitability?

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Employers Braced for Sharp Increase in Cold and Flu Absence

Just over 5 million working days* will be lost over December and January with coughs, colds and flus, as employee absence rates sore by up to 125 per cent compared to the rest of the year.

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