Working from home with Covid: Advice for line managers

In the ‘old normal’, there was a clear line between working and being off sick. Things have changed. Zoe Machin explains how FirstCare have responded to a new grey area.

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Why businesses need Mental Health First Aiders

Our head of clinical governance, Suzanne Marshall RN explains why mental health first aid should be front of mind for leadership teams.

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5 reasons employers need to get closer to their staff

Practicing social distancing at work is a wise precaution for all of us. However, the pandemic has highlighted a more fundamental need to be closer. Steve Carter explains why leadership teams in large organisations need more engagement with their employees.

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Ready for the Second Wave: Our Covid Story

When Covid-19 hit in March, FirstCare faced a spike in demand that tested our systems, our technology and our people more than we could have imagined. In this article, Ed Lane and John Coyne explain how the we maintained critical services during the first wave pandemic... and how we prepared for the second.

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Workforce Wellbeing 2020 : Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year begins, we all make resolutions to change. From exercising more to eating and drinking less, our goals are often wellbeing based.

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Men’s Mental Health At Work - FirstCare Reveals 88% Rise in Young Men Reporting Mental Health Absence

Everybody’s talking about men’s mental health. Everywhere you look the message is clear: it’s good to talk, it’s ok not to be ok. But how many men believe this? And what can employers do to drive the message home?

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60% of Workers Leave Their Job After 2 Mental Health Absences


New figures on World Mental Health Day show employers need better wellbeing strategies

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“Please don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree”. The dangers of Googling medical advice

In the digital age we all rely a little too much on Google. The search engine giant now processes over 40,000 queries per second - a staggering 3.5 billion searches every day worldwide.

When we reach for Google, we’re looking for the answer, and one of the biggest questions we often ask relates to our health.

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Statutory Sick Pay: New 2019 Guide for Employers

Updated July 2019

Is absence a costly problem for your organisation? Confused about your obligations as an employer when it comes to sick pay? Want to know how much you need to pay and for how long?

Find everything you need to know, including the latest information about employer obligations and employee rights in our new 2019 SSP Guide. Whether you’re an employer in the public or private...

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Flexible working: a guide for employers

Flexible working is on the increase – but not in every workplace. A recent survey by the charity Working Families revealed that some employers are failing to meet statutory requirements. Over a third of employees say that they cannot access flexible working - despite having a legal right to request it. 

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